The DK-KONT® ensures continuous generation and supply of chlorine dioxide.

The peroxodisulphate chlorite process is used to automatically produce a stable chlorine dioxide solution that is gentle on the material and can be used, among other things, for drinking water disinfection.

The DK-KONT® is delivered completely ready for connection and is easy to operate via the integrated touch screen. It provides all important process information at any time.


  • High stability of the chlorine dioxide solution through adjustment of the pH value and use of temperature-stable source materials
  • Low corrosion potential as there are no chlorides in the end product
  • Hazard-free production:
    • 24 h reaction time instead of spontaneous reaction
    • Solid/liquid system prevents mix-up when connecting the source materials
  • Cost-effective production through use of concentrates
  • Wide range of applications – from drinking water to plant disinfection
  • Few side reaction products such as chlorite and chlorate due to patented reaction process
gefüllte Kartusche

The DK-DOX® 2-component system Set 301 is required for the preparation. It consists of the concentrate for component 1 (chlorite solution) in the IBC and component 2 (peroxodisulphate) in cartridges. This coordinated set can be used to continuously produce 40 batches of 300 L chlorine dioxide solution 0.5 %.

Set 301 mit Box

Easy operation via touchscreen

The DK-KONT® is operated with the SIEMENS S7 control system.
The following are displayed as standard :

  • Fill levels of the containers in real time
  • operating status
  • Maintenance intervals
Display 301

Technical data

ClO2 output 1500 g/24 h ≙ 62,5 g/h
Concentration of stock solution 5,0 g/L
Filling quantity per container 300 L
Dimensions (W x H x D) 200 x 200 x 80 cm
Transport weight 320 kg
Operating weight max. 950 kg
Material of frame Aluminium
Operating pressure
(water connection)
2 – 6 bar
Power supply 230 V; 32 A; 50 Hz
Protection class IP 65
Energy consumption in 24 h 9 kW

In addition, the DK-KONT® 301 can be configured according to individual needs:

  • Signal output to further systems
  • Remote access via LAN or WLAN
  • Coupling of 2 DK-KONT® for capacity extension
  • Stainless steel frame

Further options on request

The resource-saving deposit system

In addition to the IBC with the concentrate for component 1 and the transport box with the cartridges of component 2 of the DK-DOX® 2-component system Set 301, the first delivery of the chemical set for the DK-KONT® 301 also contains a second transport box which serves to hold the used cartridges. When this box is full, it is registered for collection and collected together with the empty IBC.

The transport box that is then emptied is used to hold the cartridges that are delivered with the next set. IBCs, cartridges and transport boxes are deposit containers (property of Dr. Küke GmbH) that are used again and again in this cycle.


Requirements for the installation site

Of course, there are certain requirements to be met by the installation site. We are happy to provide our know-how to ensure a smooth planning process.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about DK-KONT®